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        ABOUT US

        About Us Culture Honor

        The company was founded in 1995, is located in Ruian City, Zhejiang Bishan Town Street Industrial Zone, the plant covers an area of 7,000 square meters, construction area of 5,000 square meters, more than 150 employees, 15 technical staff, three engineers.


            The company currently has all the silica sol, composite shell (silica sol - water glass) of the two shell production lines, all kinds of production equipment, mainly: IF electric furnace 400KG2 sets, 500KG1 sets, fast furnace 1 sets, Roasting furnace 4 sets, 4 sets of heat treatment furnace, shot blasting cleaning equipment 6 sets, Germany imported Spike spectrum analyzer, the whole silicon sol medium temperature molds complete sets of equipment and laboratory equipment.


            The main varieties of castings are: austenite (such as: CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M), martensite, duplex stainless steel, alloy steel and low temperature cast steel (LCB LCC, etc.) carbon steel Class (WCB WCC, etc.), like a variety of ball valves, check valves, butterfly valves and other valve castings, highway overpass guardrail stent castings, automotive retarder front and rear rotor castings, the production of various types of precision steel About 3,000 tons.


            Enterprise production casting has more than 10 years of history, is China's casting Association member units. Products are widely supplied in Zhejiang Province and Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou and other users, casting products, reliable quality, timely delivery, honest and credible, including Y-type filter, T-type filter series shell stainless steel castings and WCB casting has been years Hangzhou company successfully sold to the United States and the European market. "Quality first, the user first" is my company deliberately pursue and consistently follow the purpose. "Honesty, harmony, win-win" is my company pursues the corporate philosophy. We will be dedicated to domestic and foreign customers with high-quality precision castings and services.